Monday, November 21, 2011

Some Days, It's Mermaid Pants

I need a webinar.  I'm clearly not qualified to dress others.   

I'm in over my head.  I got this, I think as I confidently stuff limbs into fabric.  I direct wiggles and condense squirms.  I'm a mom, I can dress my baby.  So what if she's an octopus?  

Except... there are definitely days when I'm mindlessly pulling on clothes, tugging and shoving, and revealing that any previous successes dressing Beep have been strictly luck. 

I made my baby a mermaid.  

In my defense, there's no training for toddler-dressing, and I'd like it if someone would look into that. A certification program would be nice.

I'm so excited, I just earned my black belt in Baby Appareling.
Oh really?  I've been thinking about signing up for that class.  How is it?
It's great.  I can really get all the limbs in the right places now, usually even on the first try.
Yes!  And I feel so much more confident now.  It's amazing to know I can put my toddler in shorts, or pants, or even a button-down shirt-
I know, I know!  The course changed my life.  And my instructor was so great.  She's got nineteen kids herself, so she has her International Overachievement Badge.  Her name is Michelle, I'll give you her number.  

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