Friday, November 4, 2011

Rockin' Baby Boots

 I may have stumbled across the best pair of baby boots yet. 

Infant Girls' Circo® Galaxy Boot - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window

If loving these is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

I found these Circo Galaxy boots at Target for $14.99.  $14.99!  I bought tan, but they also come in pink and dark brown.  As my mom would say, you can't go too far wrong for that price.  If you have (or know) a little girl, buying these may just make you a hero. 

What's that I hear?  Angels singing?  And Christmas lists being crossed off?

I thought so.

They're incredibly cute, inexpensive and will go with everything this fall and winter.  Beep also scores them high on comfort and stepability.  Stepability rates any awkward baby footfall patterns due to weird engineering, random straps, or stiff soles.

She devised this rating scale herself.

Jimmy Choos they're not, and there's no room for shoe snobbery here.  These Circo boots have a suede-ish exterior.  On the synthetics family tree, I'm assuming suede-a-like is a close cousin to pleather???  They're also fully lined with a fluffy faux fur.  So basically they're fake everything, and the only thing fer-reeeealllll about them is the cute factor.  Call me cheap, call me practical, call me indiscriminate.  (Just call me: 867-5309.) 

The boots also have a zipper up the inside which makes them a cinch to get on and off.  That would explain why Beep favors unzipping them and handing them to me while driving. 

We've been getting a ton of use out of them.  They look awesome with tiny jeans stacked on top, paired with itty bitty shorts and a sweater, or- my fave- over leggings.

Have a great Friday.

[I received no compensation for this post, and all opinions are mine.  But you already knew that, because this is my corner of the blogosphere and nobody puts Baby in a corner.]


  1. Hey,,,, That's Jenny's number

  2. I have successfuly used that number in the past. Remember Susie's bachelorette? Yup. I buy the target boots every year for the girls. The big girl model is actually real leather and they are Josie's choice footwear once her flip flops are put away. She likes to skeeve her dad out by not wearing socks with them :)


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