Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Homeownership 101

Oh, the joys of homeownership.  Take, for instance, when a toilet hijacks your weekend.

I'm sure this has happened many times throughout the history of modern plumbing.  In our case, a toilet tank malfunctioned and flooded the bathroom early one Saturday.  At least it was clean water, thankyoulord.

This allowed me to contemplate the joys of said homeownership when my husband then had to turn off the water in the whole house and there was no laundry done or dishes washed.  Same poor husband then proceeded to spend half a precious Saturday getting parts, fixing the broken part and then fixing the other part that broke when the originally broken part was being replaced.

Good times.

For those of you in an apartment, with a maintenance guy on call, dreaming of owning your own home: enjoy your Saturdays while you can. 

And learn how to be handy.  Or luck out by falling in love with someone who is.

What was the latest mini (or major) home crisis you dealt with?  Share...

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  1. I say that all the time" the joys of home ownership". We consider it a good day, when you start a repair nd you only have to make one trip to the hardware store. That doesn't happen very often. Ther is something to be said about aparment or condo living, they do all the work for you.


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