Saturday, June 30, 2012

Why My Bathroom's Half Clean and My Baby's Well Moisturized

I'm not saying this was a good idea. 

But it was a situation born out of necessity and the type of lesser evil which often confronts multitasking parents.  I was cleaning the bathroom, I had an insistent toddler-sized helper, and it seemed reasonable to let Beep play with a bottle of lotion (as opposed to, let's say, toilet cleaner or window spray).  She loves lotion so she was thrilled.

Things quickly got out of hand, however.  It was about this time I questioned the wisdom of my choices.

Check, please. 

And then we found ourselves at this moment, which was about three seconds before she learned what lotion tasted like... And about ten seconds before she learned how much lotion-in-the-eyes stings.

After that, there was a quick gathering up of the poor crying baby, a fast shuffle down the hallway to the bathtub, and copious rinsing, wiping, and soothing to repeated whines of "Me eyes!  Ouch me eyes, Mama!"  It was definitely the end of Lotion Funtime and my bathroom was only half clean.  Errrgh.  On the bright side of this particular parenting fail, at least she was well moisturized.

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